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Van der Meer Consulting BV

Van der Meer Consulting provides independent and specialized consultancy services in the field of coastal engineering since 2007. This consultancy is based on more than 35 years of experience in both research (16 years at Delft Hydraulics, now Deltares) and consultancy (10 years at Infram). In January 2014 Van der Meer became full professor Coastal Structures and Ports at UNESCO-IHE, Delft, for one day per week (0.2 fte). His inaugural address on 10 September 2014 is available in English (8181 kb) and Dutch (8444 kb). The PowerPoint is also available.

Main areas of Van der Meer Consulting are:

Full design information was lacking for berm breakwaters. Van der Meer and Sigudarson have written a book, published by World Scientific, on: Design and Construction of Berm Breakwaters. See for more information The book review can be found here.


Naam: Jentsje van der Meer
Bedrijf: Van der Meer Consulting BV
Telefoon: 06-51574953